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Adaprox HomeHub IRF will be live on Kickstarter (the campaign) in October. The terms and conditions here applies to the pre-launch event (the event) of the campaign.

The $14.99 you pledge is unconditionally refundable until the campaign launches.
To request a refund, please forward the receipt email to info@adaprox.io and state that you are requesting a refund.

The payment should be considered as a deposit, not as an order. And the deposit is not refundable after the campaign starts.

Your extra Adaprox HomeHub IRF will be claimed if and only if you make a pledge in our later Kickstarter campaign (no-reward pledges excluded).

One Kickstarter pledge can only claim at most one extra HomeHub IRF.


Your multifunctional kitchen helper
to prepare all kinds of ingredients
Get ready for an easier life where all old appliances are automated! Buttons, toggle switches, rocker switches, ...... Fingerbot will make all of them smart.

*The estimated time for StormCut to be alive on Kickstarter is May 10th.

Fingerbot Plus
The ultimate robot to automate everything.
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*Fingerbot Plus will launch on Kickstarter in late April.
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Your multifunctional kitchen helper
to prepare all kinds of ingredients

*Normal price for StormCut on Kickstarter will be $59. Pay $1 now to join our VIP club, and get the price of $35 (Save $24) during the entire campaign without restriction.
*The estimated time for StormCut to be alive on Kickstarter is May 10th.

6 Features For Smooth Slicing

Fast slicing
Keep it under 30 seconds
Easy cleaning
No residues left over after simple rinse
Replaceable blades
3 types of blades will satisfy your demands
Stable standing
Attach firmly to your table
Simple storage
Takes up little space in your cupboard
Safe to use
No direct touch with the blades
Fast slicing
Spend less time on preparing your ingredients to save you energy and enjoy more when you cook, our chopper can certainly do that.
Easy cleaning
Cleaning is simple, multiple detachable parts, including the stainless steel blades, can all be  thrown into the dishwasher.
3 Blades for Most Needs
Slicing Blade
Suitable for: Tomato, Potato, Cucumber
Squash, Carrot, Lemon, Garlic, etc.
Fine Shredding Blade
Suitable for: Carrot, Potato, Lettuce, Mango,
Beet, etc.
Coarse Shredding Blade
Suitable for: Nuts, Cheese, etc.
Stable standing
An entire suction cup at the bottom of the chopper allows you to stabilize the device and prevent it from shaking when you are slicing.
Simple storage
Takes up a little space in your cupboard. Also a reliable candidate for your kitchen arsenal.
Safe to use
Unlike other choppers, our product prevents you entirely from touching the blades. No risks of hurting yourself! All the materials are 100% BPA free, and the designated food grade 430 steel are born to do the job.